Friday, December 10, 2010

Barbara Walters names her top ten most fascinating people of 2010

US TV legend Barbara Walters has included Kate Middleton as number three in her top ten most fascinating people of 2010.

The full list is: number one, commander of US forces in Afghanistan General David Petraeus; number two, Sarah Palin; number three, Kate Middleton; number four, basketball star LeBron James; number five, Jennifer Lopez; number six, Sandra Bullock; number seven, the cast of Jersey Shore; number eight, Justin Bieber; number nine, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and ten, octogenarian actress Betty White.

Barbara said Kate was included in the list because the world had become 'fascinated by her' since her marriage to Prince William was announced.

She said General Petraeus deserved to be at number one for his 'committed' effort to bring stability and peace to Afghanistan.

Interviewed for her hour-long special, Justin Bieber also said he was going to get his famous haircut 'probably soon'.

He insisted he didn't have a girlfriend and said he wanted to be a pop start 'like Prince and Michael Jackson'.

He said if he had to write a song about his life right now, it would be called 'This Crazy Life'.

Sarah Palin told Barbara she would run for President 'if I believe I have the best chance of winning'.

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