Friday, December 10, 2010

Escondido Bomb House Tenant George Jakubec's Background

Today, local and federal officials burned down the Escondido, Calif., house where he had been living -- and which authorities said doubled as the country's largest bomb factory.

Here's more from AOL News:

The single-story tract home in this upscale suburb was placed on the map Nov. 18 when a gardener stepped on a makeshift land mine that authorities believe was planted by tenant George Jakubec. The unemployed computer software consultant was arrested and bomb squad officials soon determined the home was too dangerous to disarm. It was determined that burning it down was the only option.

Among the materials found in the home was Pentaerythritol tetranitrate, or PETN, the same type of explosive used in the shoe bomber and underwear bomber cases.

Jakubec was recently indicted on eight counts of possessing destructive devices and bank robbery. So what do we know about the man? Surge Desk hunted down some answers.

1. His age and nationality

Jakubec, 54, was born in Serbia and has one sibling, a half brother from his mother's previous marriage, reported CBS 8 in San Diego.

Jakubec's mother is deceased, and sometime after her death his father moved to a home on Calle Maribel in San Marcos, Calif. After the father died in 1994, Jakubec received about $33,000 in cash from selling the property, according to CBS 8.

2. His job

Jakubec's profile on the business networking site LinkedIn listed his occupation as "Software Consultant," and ABC News described him as "an unemployed software engineer."

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3. His wife

In 1979, a 23-year-old Jakubec was married in Leg Vegas, but the union was dissolved four years later, CBS 8 News reported. He married his current wife, Marina Y. Ivanova, now 37, in 2000. They are now estranged.

4. His plea

Jakubec has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is being held without bail, the Los Angeles Times said. "His attorney has said he would like to apologize to neighbors for the disruption caused by the discovery," according to the Times.

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