Sunday, December 12, 2010

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

You've heard the advice countless times, if you're flying out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport call ahead to check on your flight's status. The day is young, and already more than 50 percent of today's flights have been scrubbed, said Patrick Hogan, an airport spokesman.

The airport is doing its best to keep 2 runways open, Hogan said, Crews were plowing all night and into today, but even with that effort arrivals have been limited to 10 to 15 per hour. Normally the airport can handle 60 to 90 inbound flights per hour.

Passengers whose flights are cancelled will have to rebook with their airline, but as to when they will get out is anybody's guess. Airlines can't add any flights, so stranded passengers will have to wait for a flight that has an open seat. With fewer flights these days, "that becomes more difficult," Hogan said.

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