Friday, December 10, 2010

prince charles car attacked

British police officials vowed to investigate how tuition hike protesters were able to "smash up" a Rolls-Royce transporting Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, on Thursday night.

The attack following a controversial vote in Parliament approving an increase university tuition fees left the couple's vehicle splattered with white paint and a rear window cracked.

British Prime Minister David Cameron defended the police on Friday, although he conceded there were lessons to be learned from a "regrettable lapse in security."

Speaking from Downing Street, he reminded the public that blame should fall on the violent demonstrators.

"Let's remember that this was not the fault of the police. This was the fault of the people who tried to smash up that car," he said. "Let's be very clear about where responsibility lies, responsibility for smashing property, for violence, lies with the people that perpetrate that violence, and I want to see them arrested and punished in the correct way."

Although visibly shaken, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were not harmed as their limousine rolled through the protests in the busy West London district.

Reports said the car was set upon by as many as 20 protesters, who kicked the car and taunted the couple as they tried to proceed to an evening function.

At least 43 protesters were injured and a dozen police officers were hurt in the fracas, which saw demonstrators hurling flares and billiards balls and riot police responding with smoke bombs.

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